Jun 272011

I am posting this time to rave about a hot sauce I really like a lot, Tapatio. This hot sauce is just plain heat, it does not really modify the flavor of the dish, just adds a kick to it. This is a big plus since it can spice up just about anything, like chili and my personal favorite BBQ sauce. You see, I love spicy BBQ sauce, like Bulls Eye Texas BBQ sauce, so what I did was bought bulk kraft BBQ sauce and add this hot sauce to it and bidda bodda boom it gets perfectly hot and tastes really good and I can make boat loads of it for cheap. Yummy!! Now I do like Franks buffalo wing Hot sauce for wings and chicken, but that is a standalone sauce, Tapatio actually enhances everything. My sister showed me this hot sauce and I have yet to find it in my local stores here in Bel Air, MD, but she gets it at Shopper’s Food Warehouse in Annapolis, MD. They have a website too which is here… http://www.tapatiohotsauce.com/index.html and you can have even gallons shipped to you, but the shipping is ridiculous! So try to find it local, but do find it! They also have a facebook page which is here… http://www.facebook.com/tapatiohotsauce?sk=app_7146470109

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