Jan 122011

Well, it seems that the new year has already started with difficulties, I received a hint when my bill for this year came from a different hosting company, I had in August been bought by Michtine Labs, which had great support and service. Now it is mid-January, my new host is 859compute, and have had a number of issues already, although most have been relatively quick to fix, others have taken a bit longer, granted one of them was my fault sorta the old host forced me to sFTP, when I moved to the new one, they neglected to say NO sFTP so their firewall started blocking me over and over. Now the issue I am having has to do with MySQL and having my PC actually sending data to my website, this has been going on for over 48 hours now and is getting a bit old, and since I have a weather station attached to this site I am not updating my DB right now, thank goodness for backup DBs. Now the quandary, should I keep waiting for them to fix the issue or should I just allow my $15 to go to waste and move everything home, which is actually about 75% ready to pick up the workload?? Which I will have a post in a few about….it will explain what you can do to have a co.cc route to an ever changing IP like you have with cable modems and DSL. Stay Tuned

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