Jun 042014

Ok, I have had a Keurig for quite a while. Started with a KCup version years ago which I learned a lot from about cleaning these things out. I had one for about 6 months before it failed me, because of my not cleaning it out like I should. They sent me a new one, which I cleaned a bit better and it lasted for about 13 months and something went wrong with that one, and of course they sent me a new one since it was real close to being within warranty time frame and I had cleaned it pretty often. I had that unit for over a year when the Vue version came out, which I could not wait for, I love latte drinks etc and wanted to be able to customize the brew etc.

I signed up for hosting a Vue party from houseparty, they were giving a Vue to you if you were picked, but failed to be picked but they did send a coupon for 50% off, so I finally could afford a Vue and bought one. I have loved using it and have cleaned it religiously every 3 months for the past 18 months. I started to have an issue with it leaving water in the Vue Cups which caused water/coffee/tea ending up in my cup daily without brewing, and it also did not burst air during the brew cycle which it used to do to make the froths. So I called Keurig and tried to explain the problem and they instructed me to clean the brew head which I did not think I had, but I did do that not too long ago. I asked what would be the option if it did not help and she said “you are out of warranty but there are things we can do”. So I cleaned the brew head again to no avail. So I called back and tried to explain the issue again, this time the customer rep listened and then said please hold for Corporate consumer affairs, the pleasant woman that got on the call said “ok I have your address here and we are sending a new unit out to you right away.

Their customer service is awesome and I cannot complain about them any time that I have called. Especially I am way out of warranty and they still sent me a new unit.

Thanks for reading and thanks Keurig for your customer service!

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