Jul 292011

Yesterday I made a post about my HTC Trophy WP7 phone and mentioned some glaring flaws I have noticed, to which someone mentioned many of these issues were fixed in an upcoming update called Mango. Well, I must confess that got my interest a bit, so I went looking for the update. I found that more than a few people installed it on the Trophy with no issues, just a few hoops to jump through. Now, I must admit there were times when I was worried with the install, and with the time it was taking to install, but all in all the install went unbelievably well. I am guessing that is mostly attributed to the makers of the setup program not necessarily Microsoft, but I think they did a really good job of making the install work correctly. Even if it did take over an hour and a half. One caveat, you NEED to make a backup before proceeding with the update so it can be removed eventually when the full release is done.

First impressions? OMG, I can not wait for the final release of this update, this update addresses nearly every issue I have noticed about WP7!! There are very few issues that they didn’t cover even some I didn’t notice, like making the app list searchable and broken down by letters. Office now works with Skydrive properly, so place a file in skydrive and it shows up on your phone. Custom ringtones works, but only for ringtone, no custom sounds for anything else yet, but they seem to be moving in the right direction. Battery percentage? yep they got that covered too, although it is a bit hidden in the settings menu “battery saver” at the very bottom is battery percentage and expected usage, woohoo, now it needs to be a live tile! They even have a built in app switcher, no not multi-tasking, that is in place but the app devs need to recode to make it work right. There are other things that have been corrected as well like IE9 is now onboard and guess what Google Music even works now, not the greatest but this is still just a beta update and is QUITE IMPRESSIVE!

I hope that helps you to get a feel for the GREAT strides Microsoft is making in addressing the users of WP7’s needs and wants.

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