Jun 292011

Many people know that ever since sometime around Windows XP you could press [CTRL][ALT][DEL] to bring up the task manager or at least a way to get to it fairly fast, but what if some piece of crap virus / spyware / malware infiltrates your PC and renders that little “all important” key stroke useless. Well I am going to help you with 6 ways to start Task Manager and maybe that will help you out. I will not even include that as one way since I already touched on it.

1. In many Windows versions you could simply Right Click on the taskbar and then click Start Task Manager and voila it will fire up.

2. The second way is simply to press the Start Button and click Run… or you could press [Windows Key] [r] or in Windows 7 / Vista in the search box (which acts like the Run command already) then type taskmgr and press enter or click OK and it should fire up.

3. Another keypress that works for calling up task manager is [CTRL][SHIFT][Esc] or [CTRL][SHIFT][Escape] and this could bring up the task manager.

4. A different way to get it to fire up is to just browse to the file that is task manager by opening up the drive you installed windows on, normally c:\ but could be just about any other drive letter. Then navigate to the windows\system32 directory which could even be winnt\system32 directory depending on the install and then find taskmgr.exe and double click it which should fire it up.

5. The fifth way to fire up task manager is to right click on your desktop and click New then Shortcut, and then navigate to the same location as we did above c:\windows\system32 or whatever your drive letter is for Windows. Then click Next and give the shortcut a name, which doesn’t matter as long as you can remember it and then click OK. Then when you want to launch task manager you double click that new shortcut on your desktop.

6. The final way to take care of errant processes is just in case the virus / spyware / malware just happens to kill the taskmgr process every time it launches, which I have seen, then what do you do then, well for that I will need to pass you off to my next post…. http://blog.hometownnerd.co.cc/?p=250


Hope this information helps some people out there having issues with a process or application!


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