Dec 302009

I have had the privilege of having the ability to test many different automation tools in my many years of working on computers. From the very simple macro tools which can automate simple typing and clicking and some other simple things, like Robotask and MacroToolworks, to the very complex which can actually download files at set times, inject SQL statements on a SQL server, like Automize and (the point of this blog) VisualCron. VisualCron’s website is over at Their website is very professional and full of information. Since I am a simple home user of this software currently I would have to say the price is fairly stiff at $197 for a single server, but to be fair, in a business environment the value of the software far outweighs the price. This software can do just about anything you can imagine. The features are very well documented on the website, Some of the features that the software has include, the ability to execute applications (either locally or on a server), perform FTP/FTPS/SFTP functions of all types, perform backups and copies of files, compress files and folders through Zip/Tar/GZIP, encrypt and decrypt files, and even execute macros from within Microsoft Office applications. That is just a small subset of the features available in the program as there are plenty of other features like scheduling, flow control, plenty of notifications, and a large amount of other things available.

Now let us cover the interface of the program, it is a very pretty application, it makes use of an Office 2007 style ribbon at the top and a very nice implementation of themes. This app is one of the prettiest I have seen. It is very easy to use this software, it almost leads you to creating the “cron job”. Creating a job is rather intuitive, for the simple ones I have made, although I am quite sure that it gets more complicated to make them as the job gets more complicated.

Support is another aspect of applications that needs to be looked at, I cannot speak to the support of the staff at visualcron first hand, but what I can say is that they have created a rather active forum to help to address any issues that you may have, and someone may have already addressed that on their own and could help you with the issue themselves, that is if the staff do not help you first. They have plenty of documentation and tutorials to help you get acclimated to the software. They even have downloadable help files in pdf and windows help file so you can get help without the internet.

I hope that This review of a great piece of software helps you make a decision whether or not to buy it, but I do think the website is the best place for information about this software. Remember the website for VisualCron is

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