Apr 192011

Well, I finally acquired a road bike, found it on a service called freecycle, which has a lot of stuff offered up by people that they no longer want or need and would like to see it go to a good home instead of the dump or sell it. The bike was a 1989 Fuji racer (similar to this one http://classicfuji.com/Ace_1989_Page.htm ), seems like an Ace but the coloring seems like it may be something else, although it does have the full complement of components that the Ace had. I spent the winter prepping it for riding, I tore it down to ball bearings and then put it back together again. I finally was able to get an extra tube for it a toolkit and a cycle computer for it and cannot wait to start logging miles on it. Today I am setting a goal of doing my first ever century next year in early May, it seems they have a Monument to Monument trip, a 94+ mile ride from the Washington monument in Baltimore to the Washington monument in DC and then back. I would love to ride that this year but there is no way I am ready for that. 20 years ago when I was commuting for miscellaneous reasons I could have easily ridden it, heck I was logging almost a thousand miles a month or so.

Well, guess I better get back to work now, enough mapping and looking for rides to take, I think I got the bug bad.

Will post updates as time goes on with trips etc or even if I just decided to throw my bike in the landfill.

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