Feb 232011

I have been using this little suite of tools for quite a while now and thought I should share it with other people. It is called PicPick and can be grabbed from http://picpick.wiziple.net/.This tool runs in your systray and has many tools that developers and other publishing types out there. The main tools I use are a color picker and the pixel ruler, the color picker will show you the HTML/RGB color code for the pixel that is under the cursor (which is in a zoomed window), the pixel ruler will give you measurements in pixels and has some other options like horizontal and vertical measuring as well as converting to other units. The other tools include an image editor, which can be fired off after a screen capture (nice fature in my opinion), a color pallete (which allows you to use a color wheel to pick a color and receive the HTML/RGB code for it), Magnifier, protractor (helps find angles on screen), crosshair (which lets you see what actual point on screen items are), and a whiteboard (which lets you scribble on your screen to draw attention to items etc). Another tool built in to picpick is the screen capture tool, which is probably where the tool began its life. This tool can take over your [ALT] [Print Screen] and [Print Screen] duties and can make it so the capture is stored automatically in files or on the clipboard or into the image editor built into this application. The image editor is not the most extravagant but it can more than get the job done. Another interesting thing about this tool is the licensing, if you use it for personal use it is free, but if you want to use it commercially for $22 which isn’t too bad for all you get.

If this tool sounds good to you head on over to http://picpick.wiziple.net/ and download a copy.


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